Bed Bugsheet/ Mosquito Net Care Plus Bugsheet (Long Lasting Impregnation)

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Care Plus Bugsheet Mosquito Net (LLI) R.R.P. £9.99

The Bug Sheet Impregnated net is a smart and multifunctional mosquito net for home use and travelling.
The 220×110 cm net can be used as an insect screen, on a mattress, for repairing mosquito nets or for
use on the ground (e.g. underneath your pic nic rug).

Features Include:
  • Multifunctional net: for use as an insect screen, on a mattress, for repairing mosquito nets or
    for use on the ground (e.g. underneath your pic nic rug)
  • Optimum protection against (malaria) mosquitoes and ticks
  • Suitable for areas with a malaria risk
  • The long-lasting Durallin® impregnation remains effective up to 3 years
  • Manufactured in accordance with WHO guidelines

Product Details:
  • Dimensions (Circumference x Height) : 220 x 110cm
  • Pack Size : 65 x 145 x 170mm
  • Weight : 135g
  • Mesh Size : Mesh 156 / Dernier 75

DURALLIN Long-Lasting Impregnation:

Our impregnated mosquito nets provide optimum protection against insects and other arthropods. Stinging insects
do not only disrupt a good night's sleep but can also transmit various diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and
dengue fever. We recommend an impregnated bed net for long-distance trips to areas with a malaria risk. Malaria
mosquitoes (Anopheles species) are mostly active between sunset and sunrise. We recommend you hang up the
impregnated net preferably before sunset in a well-ventilated area.

Care Plus mosquito nets are manufactured entirely in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization
(WHO). This means that all impregnated mosquito nets are manufactured with a mesh size of 156 holes per square
inch (2.54 cm), a fibre thickness of 75 denier, and a quadrilateral, material-saving rhombus mesh pattern.

Impregnation ensures that mosquitoes (including malaria mosquitoes) do not land on the net or bite through it. Thanks
to our sustainable Durallin® technology, the contact insecticide Permethrin (CAS 52645-53-1) adheres to the mosquito
net . Despite the minimal impregnation dosage, we guarantee optimum protection against mosquitoes. The long-lasting
impregnation remains effective up to 3 years. We recommend that you use impregnated nets in a well-ventilated area
and wash your hands after contact. Keep impregnated nets out of reach of children. The availability of impregnated
mosquito nets depends on local biocide regulations.

Our nets are made from durable polyester fibre. All Durallin® impregnated bed nets and bug sheets can’t be washed.
Always store the net in its accompanying bag in a dark place. Keep impregnated nets out of reach of children. Tip! Take
the environment into consideration if you wish to throw away an impregnated net. Consult your local authority to find a
nearby collection point for chemical waste.


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