Blue Lion Hand Sanitizer - 50ml - Eliminates 99.99% of Germs & Bacteria

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The Blue Lion 70% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer gives you a quick and efficient way to eliminate 99.99% of germs on your hands.

With the perfect size to fit in your coat pocket, handbag or backpack, this hand sanitiser will come in handy to keep your hands clean and free of germs. Keeping your hands clean will help prevent colds as well as other viruses.

  • Cleaning hand gel makes your hands feel clean and fresh without the use of soap and water.
  • 70% Alcohol content ensures sterilisation of the applied area


Product Info

Dimensions : 100 x 30 x 20 mm
Weight : 50g


Alcohol Denate, Aqua, Acrylic Polymer, Triethanolamine