Care Plus Minispray Travelset

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Now you can keep insect protection in your pocket with the Care Plus mini-sprays! These 15ml sized bottles are perfect for handbags, purses and pockets, provide enough spray for one person for a week depending on usage. Better still, they can be opened and refilled from the larger bottles - no need to have a lot of small spray casings lying around!

This package contains our top 5 mini-sprays in a convenient carry-case:

  • Anti-Insect DEET 40%
  • Anti-Insect Natural Citriodiol 30%
  • Insect SOS Bite Relief
  • Sun protection waterproof SPF 30
  • After Sun soothing cream
  • A 15-ml bottle can spray around 100 times.
  • Compact products: Anti-Insect DEET 40%, Anti-Insect Natural, Insect SOS, Sun Protection waterproof SPF 30, After Sun
  • Ideal for a day out or short trip, fits easily in hand baggage, bag, or rucksack
  • Useful packaging with five different mini-sprays
  • 15 ml, good for around 100 pumps

Product Details

Dimensions : 30 x 150 x 140mm
Weight : 135g
Contents : 15ml x 5 items

Prevention Overview:
Please see our separate DEET or Natural repellent listings for full information on the individual repellents.

How To Use:
For the most effective use of Care Plus repellents, they should be applied sparingly and carefully to all parts of the body not covered by clothing - the repellent should be spread evenly over the skin. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, eyes, nose (nasal passages) and lips - to protect the face from insect bites first apply the lotion to the palm of your hand and use your hand to apply carefully to your face. Care Plus repellents should not be applied to damaged skin (cuts, scratched or sunburn) and areas where skin folds occur, such as behind the knees or inside the elbows, should either not be treated, or be treated very lightly.

Care Plus repellents should ideally be applied at least 10 minutes before exposure to direct sunlight, and very importantly, when combined with a sun block the sun block should be applied FIRST and if possible you should wait 30 minutes before application of the DEET or Natural Spray. When protection is no longer required all areas of the skin where application took place should be washed.