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Care Plus Adventure Bugsox are impregnated to help protect against Ticks and Mosquitoes. The Adventure Bugsox has been designed with the walker and outdoor sports enthusiast in mind; being seamless and padded, with coolmax to aid in the wicking away of moisture and bamboo yarn for its anti-bacterial effect. Bugsox Adventure are also designed anatomically, each pair has a specific right and left sock, shaped to fit - this provides additional comfort benefits and also aids in maintaining hygiene (infections are not passed from foot to foot).

Bugsox Adventure are available in a choice of two colours - khaki (with a black trim) and navy (with a black trim)

  • Thicker socks suitable for walks or outdoor adventure, great to wear with boots and walking shoes
  • Anatomic left and right socks for improved fit and hygiene
  • A mix of bamboo and Coolmax fibres to keep your feet fresh and dry
  • Protects feet against biting insects

38% Coolmax Polyester
36% Bamboo Viscose
21% Polyamide
5% Elastane
Healthguard PL Treatment

Coolmax is a high-tech fibre which has been specially developed for dry and comfortable wear - the Coolmax fibre transports the moisture away from the skin to the outside layer of the sock where it can evaporate quickly.

Bamboo Fibre
Bamboo is a highly breathable fibre - this helps when it is warm as the bamboo preserves its natural freshness through the absorbtion and transpiration of moisture, and when cold the bamboo fibre micro-structure functions as a base layer that helps keep your feet warm. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial properties - this means that the Bugsox keep your feet fresh and odourless for longer - leaving them healthy and hygenic.

Anti Insect

Bugsox Against Mosquitoes
Some strains of mosquito are known to particularly favour the feet of their hosts - it is believed that it is the smell of human feet that can draw the mosquitoes in. Bugsox fight this attraction in two ways -first the Bamboo fibres of the Bugsox have a natural anti-bacterial affect and help to reduce any smell and attraction - secondly the Healthguard impregnation of the Bugsox will act to repel any mosquitoes that are still attracted. Tests have shown that wearing Bugsox can lead to a 90% reduction in the number of mosquito bites in the protected area.

Bugsox Against Ticks
Ticks can be a real hazard for walkers throughout the UK, Europe and North America, they feed on blood and can pass on the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Ticks live in the long grasses and latch on to their hosts as they pass by – this makes Bugsox Adventure an excellent first line of protection as the ticks will be deterred from climbing the socks to reach somewhere they can feed.