Care Plus Camphor Spray

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To truly minimize the chance of developing blisters, use Care Plus Camphor Spray every day starting three weeks before you leave. Spraying your feet on a daily basis will toughen the skin and help to prevent blisters. After all, prevention is better than cure! The spray cools, refreshes and relieves tired muscles and feet during and after long walks. Can also be used to clean skin before affixing a plaster.

  • Hardens the skin, so preventing blisters.
  • Cools, freshens and eases tired muscles and feet.
  • Also for use during and after a hiking trip.
  • Cleans the skin to increase adhesiveness of plaster.

Dimensions : 36 x 36 x 110 mm
Ingredients : Camphor, Alcohol denat.
Weight : 70g
Contents : 60ml of Camphor Spray