Care Plus Microfibre Travel Towel - (Small, Medium, Large) - Blue

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The Care Plus Microfibre Travel Towel is a compact and lightweight towel ideally suited for travel - although it is also useful to keep in the car or caravan for when needed. This travel towel is manufactured from a revolutionary microfibre, and unlike many other travel towels it actually feels soft like a towel (rather than a chamois leather), and one side of the towel is extra soft to ensure optimal comfort.

The absorbing power of this towel is more than 7 times its own weight - meaning that it can cope with the rigors of regular and heavy use. Each towel comes packed in its own ventilated bag, this keeps the towel compact and ready for stowing.

Also great for buffing up your car/caravan!

  • Super absorbant - absorbs over 7 times its own weight
  • Soft feel - with one extra soft side for additional comfort
  • Comes with its own squeeze bag

The Microfibre Travel Towel is available in 3 different sizes
Small - 400 x 800mm, 132g
Medium - 600 x 1200mm, 272g
Large - 750 x 1500mm, 406g