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The Care Plus First Aid Kit Professional is a comprehensive first aid kit with a removable sterile set aimed at group (or family) travel to areas of the world where medical attention may be of poor quality, too great a distance, or simply not available at all. This kit has been put together by tropical and expedition doctors and contains a mix of first aid materials, sterile materials and first aid devices not found within other kits. The removable sterile set can also be used to hold basic first aid materials for shorter excursions from basecamp.

  • A comprehensive first aid kit / sterile set for group expeditions
  • Removable sterile set that can be adapted for mini-excursions
  • Contains first aid materials not found in other kits

Dimensions : 90 x 200 x 260mm
Weight : 650g


5 x Compresses 5x5cm
10 x Plasters 25x72mm
10 x Plasters 60x100mm
2 x Emergency bandage 12x12cm
1 x Roll fixing tape 2.5cm x 1m
2 x Pair of vinyl gloves
10 x Alcohol wipes
1 x Pair of first aid scissors (large)
1 x Pair of tweezers
1 x Packet of safety pins (6 pins)
1 x List of contents
4 x Non-sticking compresses 10x10cm
1 x Support bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
2 x Hydrophilic bandage 7.5cm x 4m
2 x Finger plasters
2 x Knuckle plasters
2 x Blister plasters 5x5cm
1 x Set of butterfly stitches (5)
6 x Needle & syringe sets, 0.6x25mm / 5ml
1 x Dental needle 0.4x35mm
1 x IV Needle (Cannula IV) 125 ml/min
1 x Stitching thread and needle 75cm/nylon
5 x Blood lancets
1 x Scalpel
1 x Triangular cloth
1 x Mouth-to-mouth facemask
1 x Emergency blanket
1 x Thermometer
1 x Doctor’s statement
1 x Tick remover
1 x Ice pack
1 x Burns compress 10x10cm
2 x Single use aprons
2 x Eye & wound rinse 20ml
4 x Fingerstalls