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Sun Care - Outdoor & Sea (SPF50) R.R.P. £12.99

Care Plus Outdoor & Sea is a gentle, pleasantly scented sun lotion that is non-greasy and very easy to apply. 
This sun care product nurtures and cares for the skin and is highly water resistant.  Outdoor and Sea Sun Care 
offers maximum protection against the harmful effects of the sun and, in addition, protects against stings from
jellyfish, corals and sea anemones.

Features Include:
  • SPF50
  • UV-A & UV-B protection 
  • Highly water resistant
  • Offers protection against Jellyfish

Product Details:
  • Dimensions : 48 x 30 x 122mm
  • Weight : 108g
  • Contents : 100ml

Sun Protection:
Outdoor & Sea offers strong protection against the harmful rays of the sun - it offers a protection factor SPF50
against both UV-A and UV-B in accordance with EU recommendations   Outdoor & Sea also contains panthenol,
which nurses and calms the skin and Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant.

Jellyfish Protection:
Outdoor & Sea offers protection against stings from most jellyfish, corals and sea anemones.  Jellyfish are found 
in oceans all over the world, in different temperatures of water, and even in some rivers and lakes.  The most 
dangerous jellyfish are generally found around Australia and the Pacific Islands, but jellyfish are common even 
in Europe.  As jellyfish float rather than swim it is not possible to chase them away - this can lead to accidental 
stings. The formulation of Outdoor & Sea uses a biochemical mechanism that disables the immune system of the 
jellyfish and effectively prevents it from stinging you - keeping you safe in and out of the water.  Care Plus still 
advise that it is still sensible to avoid Jellyfish if at all possible.

Using Sun Care products in combination with Insect Repellents:
Care Plus advise that, if you intend to use both a sun protection product and an insect repellent, you should follow 
these steps:
  •  Apply the sun protection product first and allow it to be fully absorbed (30mins)
  •  Rub in the insect repellent and let it dry entirely before exposing your skin to the sun
  •  Before re-application of either product it is best to wash the skin and let it dry
Care Plus does not recommend the use of a combined repellent / sun protection product as the length of protection 
offered by each element will vary - and this means that you may think you are protected (against insects or the sun) 
when you are not. 


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