Exotac Candle Tin - Large, Hot Burn - Survival Candle

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The candleTIN™ series offers the most versatile natural wax candle on the market.  With three wicks in each candle, two different wick burn rates, and two tin sizes, these candles can be a source of light or a powerhouse of heat.  The hot-burn candle can even be used to boil water in a pinch.

This page is for the Large, Hot-Burn style Candle.

Large, Slow-Burn
Small, Hot-Burn
Small, Slow-Burn

  • Hot Burn; Used for heat or pasteurisation of water
  • Slow Burn; A great long-burning candle for light
  • Triple Wick Design; Light one wick for maximum efficiency, or all three for maximum output of heat or light
  • Durable, Reusable Tin; A screw-top for the small size, and a slip top for the large size
  • 100% Beeswax; Beeswax is the cleanest wax you can burn. Free of petroleum products, it is pleasing to light and provides a safe alternative to low-cost petroleum based candles.
Burn Times

Small slow-burn - 12Hr (1 wick) 4Hr (3 wicks)
Large slow-burn - 30Hr (1 wick) 10Hr (3 wicks)
Small hot-burn - 6Hr (1 wick) 1Hr (3 wicks)
Large hot-burn - 16Hr (1 wick) 2Hr (3 wicks)