Incognito Room Refresher

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The Incognito Room Refresher is the latest addition to the Incognito range. This handy little tub will keep insects out of a room for up to 3 months if lid is replaced when not in use, or 3 weeks if used continuously.

With a fresh pine and citrus aroma, this is a perfect way to keep your house free of insects. Combine it with other incognito products, such as the Citronella incense sticks, to bolster your location's defences against mosquitoes!

  • 100% natural ingredients in scent
  • Use instead of plug-ins and mosquito coils
  • Refreshes a room and keeps mosquitoes away
  • Fresh pine & citrus fragrance

Measurements : 52 x 52 x 26mm
Weight : 40g


All natural ingredients : Garlic oil, pine oil, camphor powder, organic java citronella