Care Plus Large Bell Mosquito Net (Non-treated)

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The Mosquito Net Bell non-impregnated net is ideal for home use and areas without a malaria risk. This non-impregnated net is suitable for 2 persons, babies and children. This mosquito net is bell-shaped and has one attachment point. It has a stable form thanks to the built-in flexible ring in the peak. The supplied attachment kit, consisting of string, attachment hooks, nails, and safety pins, makes any mosquito net easy to hang up. Above the bed, install an attachment point or span a horizontal wire to which the net can be attached.

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  • Perfect for home useand areas without a malaria risk
  • Suitable for 2 persons
  • Non-impregnated net suitable for babies and children
  • Protection against insects and other arthropods
  • Stable form thanks to the built-in flexible ring in the peak
  • Easy to hang up, 1 attachment point
  • Supplied suspension kit
  • Manufactured in accordance with WHO guidelines

Dimensions (Circumference x Height) : 334 x 250 cm
Pack Size : 85 x 230 x 330mm
Weight : 600g
Mesh Size : 156, 75 denier

Netting Info

Our non-impregnated nets provide optimum protection against insects and other arthropods. Stinging insects can disrupt a good night's sleep. A non-impregnated mosquito net is suitable for use in the home, trips within Europe and to destinations that do not pose a malaria risk as mosquitoes may land on or bite through it. Non-impregnated nets are suitable for babies and young children.

Care Plus mosquito nets are manufactured entirely in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that all mosquito nets are manufactured with a mesh size of min. 156 holes per square inch (2.54 cm) a fibre thickness of 75 denier, and a quadrilateral, material-saving rhombus mesh pattern.

Our nets are made from durable polyester fibre. All non-impregnated nets are machine washable up until 40°C. Preferably use a chlorine-free washing detergent. Always store the net in its accompanying bag in a dark place.