Snugpak Water Resistant Notebook - [Orange / Olive] - Great for the outdoors

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The Snugpak ® Water Resistant Notebook is an often overlooked item of equipment, for any day trip, venture or expedition. The need to write down information in an emergency is often disregarded in this day of smartphone technology, but the lined and gridded pages of this Notebook ensure that information from Grid References to a time-critical ETHANE report for the Rescue Services can be completed easily and quickly. The water-resistant paper can be written on using any normal pen or pencil in inclement weather, but.............

Top-Tip- for best results use a 2B Soft Pencil.

  • Durable & Water Repellent
  • Light Weight
Product Details:

Colours: Orange or Olive
Weight: 80g
Size: 10cm x 15cm