Water To Go, Replacement Purifying Filters for 750ml Bottles - (Twin-Pack)

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Water-to-Go's patented 3-in-1 filter includes technology developed by NASA, which eliminates over 99% of all Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Fluoride and Heavy Metals such as Lead leaving you with safe, healthy water from all non-salt water sources worldwide.

Each filter gives 200 litres of clean water and assuming you use it with the 75cl Water to Go bottle to drink 2 litres every day, the replaceable filter lasts an estimated 3 months. This pack contains two additional filters, providing another 6 months of constant usage in total!

  • Removes over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants and more 
  • Filters for the 75cl Bottles only
  • BPA free / all materials FDA approved 
  • Replace filter every 200 litres (roughly 3 months)
Pack Contents

Two replaceable Water To Go filters (75cl bottle).